Summer Study

Forge ahead, branch out or let your knowledge settle.

The long summer stretch between academic semesters presents a lot of opportunities.

Securing a summer job can be a great way to make some extra money while all that new knowledge settles in your mind. An internship or externship could teach you some new skills and broaden your professional network. Check with your major department or the Cohen Career Center to find a good fit for your goals. 

Some students like the change of pace offered by our academic summer sessions at the main campus, in Washington, D.C. and online. Classes are held four or five times a week in two intensive, 5-week sessions. Think about your learning style, and about what kind of course material would work well for you in the compressed schedule. About 350 students also reside on campus for independent summer research, often earning credits for their work. 

International study arranged by the Reves Center offers William & Mary course credits through programs taught by W&M and international faculty. Study abroad is an excellent way to improve language skills and gain insight into other cultural patterns and ways of understanding the world.

Other summer opportunities: