Alyssa Oles

Class of 2006

Current Position: Director, Fulfillment Operations and IT Services, Random House, Inc.
Majors: Applied Mathematics
Concentration: Operations Research
Current Location: Raleigh, NC

The skills developed and the experiences gained through a liberal arts education are applicable to every industry. I graduated from William & Mary with a degree in mathematics, which typically leads to a career in teaching. My studies in a variety of disciplines opened my eyes to a broad range of career opportunities, and I have been working in the publishing industry since graduation.

During my liberal arts education, I developed strong communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills by exploring different fields, interacting with diverse groups and tackling various challenges. I gained a breadth of knowledge and the confidence to take chances. Because of my liberal arts education, I secured a job prior to graduation, achieved several promotions and began managing a team of project leaders.