Service Rates

Listed below are the charges for services with the ShoreTel VoIP phone system. Request new or change existing phone services through Request IT.

Phone 115


Models may include:
ShoreTel 115

ShoreTel 420

Cost $17.00 per month

(including phone line)

Phone 230


Models may include:

ShoreTel 212k

ShoreTel 230

ShoreTel 485g

Cost $20.00 per month

(including phone line)


ShoreTel IP Phone 655



ShoreTel 655

Cost $30.00 per month

(including phone line)


Long Distance Service Rates per minute Long distance calls within the 50 states are $.05 per minute
International Service Countries with country codes and rates per minute

Varies by Country. 

View International Rates

Voicemail Box Voicemail Cost $5.50 per month
Analog Phone Lines Phone line Cost $30.00 per month (one month minimum)
Spider Microphone* Microphone extension for conference phone Cost $50.00 (one time charge)
Rental Conference Phone Rent a phone for a conference call.  Long distance charges included in fee. Cost $10.00 per day

*Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) directly at [[support]] to order a Spider Microphone.



Licenses have a one-time charge.

License Type Description Charge
Operator License Designed for users who would operate a switchboard. Gives users a software version of a switchboard. $300
Professional License Allows users to have a contacts toolbar to monitor other users. Also offers many other advanced features. $40
Work Group Agent Allows a user to log in and out of the Work Group and monitor the call queue. $150
Work Group Supervisor Allows a user to monitor all agents, as well as log in and out of the Work Group and monitor the call queue. $300

Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) at [[support]] for license requests or support.

Additional Calling Services Available

Hunt Group:  Hunt groups will allow calls to ring on multiple desks.  The hunt group service is cost free; however, there is a monthly fee for a Voicemail box, if one is requested.

Work Group:  Work groups are usually only used in offices or departments with a heavy volume of calls. Work groups provide customizable features such as call-answering hierarchies and scheduling. Because work groups require licenses (for each person in the group), there are additional fees for the service. 

Auto-Attendant: The auto-attendant service routes callers from a central line to a specific destination using a voice message like "Press 1 for William, press 2 for Mary".